Choosing Your Pageant Platform


If you entered a Miss, Mrs., or even Teen pageant with a title, you will likely need to choose a platform. A platform is a cause or charity that you want to represent and spread awareness about as a titleholder.

Here are my tips for choosing your pageant platform:

1) Find a cause or charity that is personally relevant to you.

Your platform will be a reflection of yourself and your personality to the judges, as well as your community. What do you want your platform to say about yourself? Think about what personal experience you have that relates to your platform.

2) Think about the reach of your title.

Are you going to be competing in a local, provincial/state, or national pageant? If you’re competing at a local pageant, you might want to pick a locally operated charity, or a specific local chapter of charity. That will make it more relevant to your community. If you’re competing for a national title, you might want to consider more of a national charity. This will show you have the nation’s interest in mind and how you plan to use your title to benefit your entire country.

3) Consider how your plans for volunteering.

Your platform doesn’t end after the pageant is over. You will be using your title to actively volunteer and raise awareness for your platform during the year you hold your title. Consider which charity you would like to spend your time volunteering for. If you are more emotionally involved, you will be more likely to motivated in deliver results.

4) Research your cause or charity.

It’s important for you to research your charity before choosing what you want to represent as your platform. Look into where they operate, what their mission statement and goals are, what are their current initiatives, etc. You want to make sure you feel you can represent them and their values. It’ll also be important to research your charity for filling out paperwork and for your interview.

5) Set specific goals.

Once you’ve chosen what organization you want to represent, you have to decide how to want to represent them. You goals should be specific, measurable, realistic, and time sensitive. Eg. I want to raise $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society by the end of August 2014.

Now you have all the tips to choose the best platform to represent you. Follow your heart and represent it well!


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