Standing Out In Interview


We spend so much time  preparing for how we’re going to perform stage during a pageant, but one of the most important parts of the pageant is interview. You might give all the right answers and you can sound good, but what is going to make you stand out? What is going to make the judges remember you over another contestant?

Here are my tips for making sure you stand out in your interview:

1) Focus on what makes you different from other contestants and use that!

Everyone has something unique about themselves. Make sure you capitalize on those points. Take the time to get to your know the other contestants at the pageants and make some new friends! This will also help you identify what makes you different from them. Showing some of your quirks help shape your personality that you present to the judges and judges love a girl with personality!

Try not to inadvertently bring other contestants down. You don’t want to say anything that might lead the judges to believe other contestants aren’t as worthy.

2) Relate your opinions to your own experiences as much as possible.

The judges are going to ask questions that will get you to relay your opinion to them on a certain topic. Try to use your own personal experiences to relate to your opinion. It will help back up your point of view and strengthen your position on the topic.

3) Have a specific plan in mind for your year as a titleholder.

Even if you don’t win, you should have a specific plan in mind as a titleholder. Talk about your goals for the year and what results you plan to achieve. This will show that your serious about how you plan to use your title and how your efforts don’t end after the pageant.

Now you’re ready to not only be prepared for your interview, but to show the judges what makes you different. A winning personality gives a winning interview!


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