Sponsorship and How To State Your Case


Pageants can be a very costly endeavour. One way to alleviate some of the financial pressure of pageants is through sponsorship. However, gaining sponsors can be tricky. How do you get someone to hand over their financial support?

Types of Sponsorship

Monetary – This is giving you some form of money for you to use in any way to help alleviate your financial costs. This is the most flexible way to gain financial assistance, as you can put it to the area where you need the most help. However, this is the hardest form of sponsorship to receive.

In-Kind  – This is giving you a product or service that is already a part of your expenses. Companies are often more willing to offer their products or services and they can still help cut costs off your budget.

Tips for obtaining sponsors:

1) Create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Sponsorship should not be a donation; it should be a mutually beneficial exchange. You should be offering something to the company in exchange for their gift. This may be exposure of their brand on your social media, or marketing of their products through the pageant programs.

2) Focus on companies that are aligned with the pageant industry.

Companies that are already aligned with the pageant industry are more likely to benefit from a partnership with you, as there are more likely to gain more customers through your relationship. Think boutiques, hair salons, tanning salons, etc.

3) Offer results.

The companies you approach want to see how they will benefit from their sponsorship. Give them anticipated results and hard facts. Show them past sponsors of contestants and how those companies benefited from it. You might want to discuss the number of attendees at the pageant, your number of followers on social media, offer a hard copy of their ad in the program, etc.

Approach sponsorship like a business deal. If you demonstrate how you will benefit from creating a relationship, you are more likely to get more companies on board. You are not looking for a handout; sponsorships create partnerships.


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