Getting Perfect Pageant Posture


One of the most important ingredients to your stage performance (besides a smile) is having good posture. It helps you look poised, elegant, and most of all, confident! If you practice anything before you hit the stage, your posture is a good starting point. This goes for contestants of all ages!

–          Stand up tall and straight

–          Keep your shoulders down and push them back

–          Lift from your ribcage

–          Keep your core (abdominal muscles) tight

–          Keep your chin up and your neck long

–          Don’t stick out your chest/tummy or arch your back (children tend to do this)

Do each of the above things and look in the mirror. See how it effects your posture and how you look while you’re standing. Notice how it feels. It will feel different than when you are standing normally. Make sure you feel that difference while you’re on stage.

It helps to tell kids to imagine you’re a puppet and that you’re being pulled up from a string on top of your head. Also practice with a crown set loosely on top of their head. If they don’t keep standing straight, the crown will fall off. You can also stand against a wall to make sure you’re standing tall and straight.

Now you’re on your way to having that perfect pageant posture!


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