How To Get a Winning Headshot


Your pageant headshot might be the judges and audience’s first impression of you. It could be used in the program, on the website, or for judging a photogenic category. Here are our tips to getting that winning photo:

1)      Wear something that fits and flatters – You want to bring all the attention up to your face, so wear clothing that is fitted and not distracting. A solid color works best. Make sure the neckline is flattering, as you’re going to see from the shoulders up. Wear your best color. It should bring life to your skintone and face.

2)      Carefully plan your accessories – Large necklaces can be distracting, rather than bring the attention to your face. Opt for a pair of earrings that will balance out your face shape, but still add personal style to your look.

3)      Perfect your hair and makeup – Don’t try out a new hair or makeup style the day of your shoot. If you aren’t skilled in these areas, hire a professional. 

4)      Work with the right photographer – Make sure you use a well-known photographer, or look through their portfolio of other headshots they have done. Their style should match the look you want to achieve. Working with a photographer with experience shooting pageant contestants is a safe way to go.

5)      Practice your angles – Before your shoot, practice your posing in front of the mirror. Watch for what is most flattering and makes your face symmetrical.

Now all that’s left is to pose for the camera! Click.


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